Planning for January 2013

Here’s our planning for articles this month.

It’s a global planning, we can’t promise you everything to be there, but we will put our best effort into it.

– WiiU content video of Rayman Legends Demo (TOMORROW!)
– WiiU content and review of New Super Mario Bros. U
– WiiU content from Trine 2
– Another Blast from the Past
– Asheron’s Call 2 video with article, episode 2 of the tutorial and a poll to make the next move
– Torchlight 2 video, playing together
– An interview
– A Minecraft video (new series)
– A featured Kickstarter project

And ofcourse more previews of games and gaming news…

Hope you had a blast of a fantastic new year celebration and we see you tomorrow again with the Rayman Legends Demo video

Game on!


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