The Game Mistress in a YouTube video


Last week I was in MineCraft, for a recording for youtube by smilebringer aka Steven on this blog.


This recording was there for a big project, project castle in which a once big cube of cobblestone needed to be turned into a castle of great proportions. This project would ofcourse take way too long for one video so they were planning to do several. Their first recording turned out to be the longest recording though, with 50 minutes of ingame minecraft footage and me, smilebringer and shaduw on ventrilo. On ventrilo the true fun started with the comments on everything we experienced mining away the cobble stone and exploring the inns and outs of the castle.

In the beginning I was interviewed for my work on the blog Game Mistress and managed to post my weblink.

Otherwise the video is about a lot of fun we had together in this way too big too handle project on the server.

I am sorry for any rude language in this video, I am not responsible for the content in any way, even though you might hear my voice several times in the video.

You can find the YouTube video here

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