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How will gaming be in 2013? We tell you our ideas about how gaming will turn out in the gaming industry of 2013.


First and foremost there will be another E3 that will bring many new games under the attention.
We hope that Nintendo will come with their new Zelda title announcement for WiiU, or perhaps a new Metroid game. Possibly Microsoft and Sony will announce details about their upcoming consoles, but it’s not too sure they will be able to release that in 2013. For Sony it’s a difficult time because they have some financial issues due to failures in other platforms and Microsoft has still a rather strong position in the market with their Xbox360 and its peripherials.

Kickstarter game projects played an important role in 2012 for indie developers. We believe that Kickstarter and platforms similar to Kickstarter (for example IndieGogo) will also in 2013 provide the resources for indie developers to bring out great games with deep gameplay and great gaming value. Hopefully the bigger game producers will pick up this “importance of gamedesign and gamedepth over game graphics” and produce better games, but that is something we can only hope for.

We think that Pikmin will be well received (WiiU) and that Nintendo will come with an announcement for a new Mario game in 3D for WiiU.

The new Sonic game will do well, as previous titles have become better and better.

On the MMO side we expect a lot of new content and fixes for Guild Wars 2 and probably a new expansion for WoW. Hopefully an announcement by the same company on their ‘Titan’ title.

– In the end of 2012 we got Asheron’s Call 2 back. We wonder whether this means that we will see more shutdown titles returning to the gaming market, but perhaps altered a little towards the current type of player.
– More details and hopefully a launch of Elder Scrolls Online, but I cannot make predictions over it’s results.
– Perhaps Wildstar will actually come with launch details instead of merely hyping the whole gaming community.

Slender 2 will come out and do well.
Free-To-Play will be seeing a decrease and instead Buy-To-Play will take over in the MMO world.

Mobile gaming becomes more dominant as mobile smart phones get more and more powerful and games get more optimized for them. Indie game developers will be also developing for mobile gaming.

The launch of the Ouya is the beginning of a new type of open console launching era, several others will follow.

Linux gaming becomes more dominant and a valid alternative to Microsoft Windows 8 and the Mac platform.

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