Gaming 2012 for Steven


2012 was a very tumulant year with a lot of titles releasing. 2012 was also a year with a new fenomenom for gaming: Kickstarter.


And from Kickstarter we have seen a lot of new games passing by. It’s also from Kickstarter I expect to have more games the coming year(s). But this article I am writing isn’t about my expectations for 2013, but instead a short story about my impression of 2012.

My biggest highlights this year have been the several beta’s and launch of Guild Wars 2 which I play with my partner; the launch of the new generation console of Nintendo: the WiiU and Torchlight 2. Diablo 3 simply didn’t make me happy producing a quickly published game with a full act 1, a half produced act 2 and a quickly finished off act 3 and 4. Shame.
Torchlight 2 took everything good of Diablo 3 and made a perfect game out of it.

The WiiU, although I didn’t play much with it yet, is just a really cool console with a lot of undiscovered possibilities. I can’t wait for the coming developped games that will more and more show the possibilities of this fantastic console.

Guild Wars 2 is the MMO I have been looking for in many games. It also isn’t perfect, but it is certainly better than anything else out there currently.

Next to that I really have enjoyed the numerous new games that were launched through Kickstarter projects. To name a few: Castle Story and Great Giana sisters. Although I didn’t play them much, they just look beautiful and have a lot of innovativity (if that is a word).

As for beta’s it’s Path of Exile and Project Cars. Played Path of Exile a little and it’s the grim version of Torchlight 2 with a lot of skills in the skilltree. Path of Exile will be free to play too. Project Cars is about racing simulation. I have not the best PC for it to run it, but it is definitely an interesting development. Project Cars is in a crowdfunding project.

Also I play a lot of Minecraft – mainly on my own server with friends and family but also sometimes on a Norwegian server. The amount of new patches for Minecraft has made that difficult though, having to keep updating your server software is rather complicated and annoying. Minecraft isn’t a highlight because the game has become less interesting with boring terrain generation and a lot of bugs that never get fixed. One thing is though interesting for me there: Tekkit. I plan to play Tekkit in early 2013 with Game Mistress and some others and hope to start a web series about it on our YouTube Channel.

For the articles I write for Game Mistress I really enjoyed going back into Transport Tycoon Deluxe, as I used to play this game a lot in the past. It’s a fantastic game and it never grows old. Similar to Transport Tycoon, our evenings between christmas and the coming new years day have been filled with old fashioned Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 and 3. Fantastic games or simulators and really hard too actually!

The recent beta – relaunch of Asheron’s Call 2 really made my day. I loved that game before it shut down, now I am able to rejoice it! And I am able to do this with you together, with new videos and articles on this website.

Note that I am perhaps not writing much about other games such as single player games that have been launched, that’s simply because I don’t play all that many games. I play that what you read in this article and otherwise I develop websites.

Thanks for a great 2012 gaming year.


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