Gaming highlights of 2012


In today’s article I (The Game Mistress) show you my highlights of games I played this year. Note, not games that came out in 2012, but titles that I did pick up.


Pandora’s Tower is a great adventure RPG game, with a touching story. This action driven game with challenging boos fights will keep you going for a long time. Never before has relationship building been so important to get the best ending in a video game.

The Last Story
This RPG game is one of the best I have played in the long time, with a fantastic combat system, story line and thrilling boss fights The Last Story is a must have.

Halo 4 is the game many have waited for. To me Halo 4 is far from disappointing with amazing visuals and a great story; this is a game worth having.

WiiU is the console I have waited for a long time with a brand new online system and multimedia function that turns your TV into the central hub for multimedia. The WiiU won’t disappoint you. It’s fantastic to see Nintendo games finally in full HD.

Paper Mario Sticker Star: the latest series in the Paper Mario franchise. This game is different but fun none the less. Go mad with stickers in this adorable 3DS game.

In Darksiders 2, Death has to save his brother “War”. If you love Zelda than this is the game for you, loads of dungeons, and big bosses to keep you busy. Death is a very cool character, with his sarcasm and cold feelings.

Guild Wars 2 is a revolutionary MMO that dares to make a difference in the world of MMO’s, because of its creativity, new questing system, and exploration. This game is the best MMO of 2012.

Torchlight 2 succeeded where Diablo 3 failed, giving an epic hack and slash adventure, where co-op play or offline play both are possible.

New Super Mario Bros U takes the series back to its original roots. Even more fun to play with other people as they will either help you or hinder you.

In Dishonored you have to sneak past the shadows like never before to save the Empress’ daughter from the hands of corruption. You decide who shall live or die.

Nitronic Rush is a crazy arcade racing survival game which will give you a real adrenaline rush as you have to survive and get to the finish line.

In Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams, Giana is back in her twisted dream world. This time on the PC! The game has some of the most fantastic art work ever seen!

Ocarina of Time for 3DS was launched. An old classic returns in upgraded graphics and stunning 3D.

I played much more games than that, but that were mostly beta’s and games that weren’t as important as this list.

Tomorrow Steven will write his “highlights of 2012” article.

Game on!

The Game Mistress

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