Asheron’s Call 2 -[E1] Introduction


Today is the start of a new series by my hand. Recently Turbine relaunched old shutdown game Asheron’s Call 2 (2002-2005) back on their servers. It is running as a beta project to be relaunched fully in the near future. All Asheron’s Call 1 active subscribers can play on it and I have re-subscribed for you to be able to show you that (in my eyes) fantastic game from nearly 11 years ago.


I will do this by having an article like this one today and showing you some of my gameplay through a video on Youtube and letting you vote on a poll where you will decide my next move in the game.

Today I am playing the introduction to the game for you. You will be able to see the character creation, the tutorial in the vault including a lot of handy tips from my side. In the end I join the real world of Asheron’s Call 2 and will complete my first quest out there. To conclude this first episode I will visit the city of Arwic (or what is left of it) and show you around.

Character creation isn’t as great anymore as the newer games. In Asheron’s Call 2 character creation is simply choosing from a few pre-defined faces, hair styles, hair colours, clothing sets (individually top, bottom and shoes though) and you can change the body size (height, width).

I personally think that the graphics in the game itself are still top-notch. They can easily go with on the current stream of videogames and that is amazing. At the time it was the game that I could just about play on my laptop (which still works btw – 12 year old).

The user interface is not the type you would like anymore nowadays. I guess we got spoiled by new games that let you compare items easily by hoovering (mouse-overing I said in the video) over textual links and items in your inventory. This is not possible in Asheron’s Call 2, you will have to click on the item and the Examine window will tell you about the item and it’s stats. To compare you will have to switch between clicking the two items. A lot of windows come up seperately on the interface and that can work a little annoying, but generally you will need to get used to it.

Here’s the video of the gameplay:

Today’s poll is about what I should show you the next time from the game.

Merry X-mas and have fun gaming in this (short) holiday!


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