Gaming News 19-12-2012


Today’s article is a huge collection news article with news from Nintendo WiiU and 3DS, Playstation 3, End of the World, THQ, Angry Birds and concluded with news about Kickstarter Project GODUS.


Play limits on WiiU demo’s are programmed by developers themselves. So it isn’t Nintendo self who is limiting you from playing that cool demo.
Fifa 13 can be played 13 times, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed can be played 15 times and Rayman Legends can be played 30 times before the game will automatically redirect you to the product page on the Nintendo eShop. The developers can also decide until how long a demo is available for download in the Nintendo eShop.

Nintendo and Sony
Recently the news came from Japan that the sales of the Nintendo 3DS had passed the sales of the Playstation 3 with 83.118 units. This might sound like a little difference, but the fact that the PS3 is out since November 2006 and the Nintendo 3DS is only out since last March makes it amazing news.

On the other hand did Sony today come with the news that the PS3 has sold over 30 million units in Europe and the PAL areas (Europe, Australia, New-Zealand and South Africa).
Xbox 360
For the Anime Lovers: The CrunchyRoll App is soon to be launched on Xbox360. This app let’s you watch your favourite Anime series in HD complete with subtitles.
Think of titles such as: Bleach, Naruto Shippuden, Hunter x Hunter, Sword Art Online, Coffee Prince and Boys Over Flowers. There are more than 20.000 episodes available. The app can also be commanded with your voice or arms (kinect). The app was earlier released on Playstation 3 as well.

End of the World
With the coming Friday rumour of the “End of the World” major games release a patch with an event similar to that. Perhaps just so that you can enjoy this game still before it all ends.. or perhaps just to take the piss out of the people that think that the world will end right before the christmas celebrations begin…

Funcom’s Secret World released today update nr 5. Issue 5 comes with the usual new missions, investigations and weapons and other options as well as giving you an epic new story to follow.

Guild Wars 2 has Winters Day as celebration, from tomorrow you can enjoy the apocalypse of the Toys – hundreds of toys attacking your favourite city of Lion’s Arch?

From another corner comes the news that THQ is hitting a bankruptcy, but do not be alarmed, they are in contact with an investment group that will look into the credibility for investors. Old business units will be taken away and the good running ones will continue development on your popular games while being bought by a bigger software publishing company.

Angry Birds
Angry Bird Fans attention please: Angry Birds Star Wars Edition will from now on be available for play on Facebook.
Play it now!

Kickstarter: Project Godus
And to conclude this news article, I will ask your attention for a new game of Peter Molyneux. Peter Molyneux is famous from his games: Populous, Dungeon Keeper, Black and White and Fable.
He is now together with 22Cans studios and is about to start to work on the recreation and reinvention of the 22 year old game Populous, called Project GODUS. In this game you control a world with its inhabitants as a GOD, making small changes to help and protect your little people building their tribes and surviving in the world.

With less than 44 hours on the clock left, but already having passed their main goal (450k GBP), there is still time to put your pledge out for them to make those extra milestones (460k GBP for extra missions, 550k GBP for Linux/Ouya) and get yourself a copy of the game early on!
Pledge now!

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