What if? Super Mario!


It’s not a secret that I grew up with Nintendo and their mascot Mario. I loved his games very much when I was a young child. But lately i do wonder about the Mario games. They all seem rather the same when it comes to story. You have to save Peach from Bowser, or Bowser is the bad guy over and over again.


Now I remember the unique paper Mario series they had a different story line.
The thousand year door is a good example, and I loved the darker story plots.I am wondering what Nintendo could do different.
They have already explored outside the mushroom kingdom.
I was hoping one day they could take the Mario sunshine approach with the story twist to a thousand year door.

Make the story outside mushroom kingdom.

Bowser should not appear at all in the game.

Peach should this time be a supporting character and be a sidekick to Mario and Luigi,

Perhaps Mario could save someone else for once.

A brand new Antagonist.

These are all ideas that sound interesting and would give the franchise a bit more depth. I do love the Mario series; I just get rather bored with the same antagonist all the time. Is Bowser really that desperate? IS peach really that stupid that she can’t protect herself better? Why does Mario bother all the time?

I can’t wait for the next 3D Mario which Nintendo will give us. Please do tell me your opinions what you would like to see different in the next Mario game.

Game On.

The game mistress

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