Wintersday in Guild Wars 2


Since last friday it’s Wintersday in Guild Wars 2 and this means lots of events and activities to participate in.

Wintersday in Guild Wars 2 is all about the children of Tyria and their toys. Toymaker Tixx is visiting all the major cities with his big airship. You will have to help Tixx on his airship. Next to that are there games available from the main cities and new items available for purchase in the diamond shop. Also are there patches of magical snow around the world to build snowmen and to be able to start snowball fights. There are special event rewards and there is much more!

We’ve done some of the activities this weekend and made a video about it, as a teaser to the event.

So if you are curious as to what you can do, see the teaser video below:

The Wintersday event will last until the 3rd of January 2013.

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