Rayman Legends Demo (WiiU)


Today the demo of Rayman Legends has been released on WiiU. We downloaded it straight away and gave it a go. Here’s our opinion and findings.


First of all, Rayman Legends is a beautifully designed platformer game with a lot of things happening on the foreground, background and platforming stages in the scene. Lot’s of things are happening on each stage and are beautifully made with high performance on graphics. The screen runs on Full HD at 60 frames per second which makes it a very smooth experience.

Three different levels or worlds are available. Rayman has also some helpful extra characters he can switch with. One of the levels required the use of the little frog named Murfy. Murfy had a lot of special tricks on it’s sleeve. You can use the little frog on the gamepad to fight monster by tapping on them, open doors, move platforms and more. The character that runs in that level runs automatically, but waits every time when the little flying frog has to perform a special move.

The other rather special stage in the demo was the stage named Rock Castle. In Rock Castle a rocksong is started on which Rayman sings with. He has to run for the hot fire breathing dragon that wants to burn the castle, guards and himself to smitherins. Several objects are falling down or burning up and monsters jump in the way which Rayman has to either bash into or jump over / onto. Everything on the scene is timed upon the music. So you hit enemies on for example every drum hit. It’s a very special experience.

The more normal stages come with bonus stages within the levels, which gives you a different challenge every time again. For successfully completing these bonus levels, you will receive one heart as well as that you save the King and Queen of the Teensies.

We did see that not everything was polished yet, but what can one expect from a demo? The game itself will not be released before the first of March 2013 in Europe.

The demo can be downloaded from the WiiU eShop channel for free.

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