The Secret World – Subscription fee


Have you been interested in the more challenging puzzle questing styled game “The Secret world?” Bought it before, but never continued your subscription after the month of freeplay? Never felt it was polished enough to give it a go and pay the subscription fee for it?


Well now you can, that is… if you still want to give the initial dollars/euros for the game itself.

The Secret World has from today become partly free to play. To put that in proper words: They have dropped the subscription fee as a requirement. As a big fan, you can still become a subscribed paying member of The Secret World, but this actually only gives you money to spend in the in-game store, a way to get double experience for a period every day and an in-game store discount.

Apparantly they weren’t making enough money with the subscriber model. They had already an in-game store before they dropped their subscription fee, but now their main income will be of that shop (and the initial 30 euro’s the game costs), so I guess they wanted to lay the focus on the itemshop.

Recently Funcom launched a big patch for this game, which included the first ‘raid’.

You can see a trailer of this below:

The game currently goes for around 30 euros and can be bought and downloaded straight from their website.

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