Gaming News 11-12-2012


At silent times we tend to pick up the news of the day for your reading pleasure. Today I show you what Microsoft has to say for Xbox360, an upcoming movie.. well upcoming.. 2016.. and some other things of general interest.


Microsoft Xbox 360
Several new apps come available from today to Xbox360 users. Most of the apps have to do with on-demand video, both paid and for free. There are lists available about this, but the fact is that the apps differ per region / country so it’s better to not publish them here, but rather point you to where you can find them. Here’s the list:

As major games have come to WiiU, the player community of the WiiU was rather surprised by the announcement that the new Dark Souls II would only come out for the other consoles and totally exclude the new and way more powerful WiiU. That’s why the community has started a petition to bring Dark Souls 2 also to the WiiU.

Over 6800 players have supported the petition, but to make some sort of influence, requires a 100.000 autographs. So there are still a 94.000 supporters needed..
Want to support Dark Souls 2 for the WiiU? Then *sign* the petition aswell!

New Movie: Angry Birds
It’s official, Angry Birds will become a movie in theaters in 2016, based upon the popular mobile game Angry Birds. It will become a CG animated movie and will be produced by John Cohen and executive producer David Maisel. Angry Birds (Rovio) is currently celebrating their three year anniversary in which the game has been downloaded over one billion times across multiple platforms.

Star Wars The Old Republic has come with a new update (1.6), which provides

Notch created (and published last week) some Javascript code that creates some minecraft styled effect. Feel free to poke around in his code!

In a couple of days “Wintersday” will be launched. Some games already have some sort of celebration for Christmas and new year, others are still in the wait (until the 14th or 15th). For Guild Wars 2 for example, you will have to wait until the 14th of December 2012 to enjoy the festivities. Now the whole list of activities for Guild Wars 2 has also been released, check them out here!

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