Nintendo Direct 5. December 2012


Today Nintendo UK did another Nintendo Direct at 6pm GMT+1. This time it was about the WiiU and the Nintendo 3DS mainly about the future games to be released for both consoles. It started with a Lego animation version of Saturo Sibata.


This was ofcourse as an introduction to the upcoming Lego City Undercover game. This is than also the first title shown on the direct stream. Some footage is shown accompanied by explanations. This game is more about solving missions using special skills, tricks and other features inside the Lego game.

As usual does Lego City Undercover come with loads of humour and many cutscenes. Lego City Undercover will be coming out early in 2013.

Also they showed a Lego City play set that can be bought from a toy store (soon available) that will have codes to unlock missions in the WiiU game. These codes can be found on the license plates of the to be built vehicles.

Next is Sonic All Stars Racing which can be played on five screens (four splitscreens and one on the WiiU controller). It will contain new characters, extra content and you will be able to play online with and against others. Sonic All Stars Racing for the WiiU is already out now.

Then there was some footage shown about existing WiiU games, such as:
– Mass Effect 3
– Fifa 13

Also they showed off new games coming to the wiiU:

Ninja Gaiden Razors Edge

A difficult and challenging game. It’s difficult like walking on a Razors Edge, hence the title of the game.
It makes good use of the new weapons and Nimpo using the WiiU gamepad.
The possible moves will be showing on the gamepad while you are playing. Ninja Gaiden Razors Edge will also support online play:
– two player coop
– eight player battle against each other

They also announce that a female ninja will also be a playable character and another new character, Kasumi, will be available for download for this game when it’s released. This download will be popping up when you start playing the game. So make sure you update the game when you get it.
Ninja Gaiden Razors Edge will be out on the 11th of January 2013.

Also they showed off Scribblenauts Unlimited which will be coming for 3DS and WiiU.

Then Saturo Sibata shows off singing a song of an artist in Sing Party whereafter a starring guest shows her appreciation of being in this game with her song. In Sing Party you can sing alone or with others and will come out on the 18th of January 2013.

Nintendo Direct wants to express that it is very important that the update is downloaded and installed after buying and installing the WiiU. The update does take upto an hour to complete, so take the time for it and do NOT turn off while updating. The update makes it possible for players to use the various internet applications on the console. Without it, you can only play single player games.

Some more upcoming games are showcased:

Zen Pinball 2

out dec 2012
with one of its themes in Zombies and rankings

Little Inferno is also showcased. A real 18+ game that I personally think is rather obscure and evil. The objective is to burn items and people. Really strange game.

Pikmin 3

They show more off from Pikmin 3. Now concentrating on the great graphical improvements over Pikmin 2 on Wii.
They also show off that Pikmin 3 will come with new creatures.
Pikmin 3 will be released in the second quarter of 2013.

Also Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is shown off. The earlier Monster Hunter 3 for Wii wasn’t as beautiful as this new one, as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be coming with true full HD 1080p graphics. To make this game more interesting, they also have adde 2000 more armour and weapons to obtain among many other new items, monsters and functionality. It will be released for both 3DS and WiiU by March 2013.

Then the upcoming application Panorama View was shown. This application gives you the possibility to create a birds eye view of the world. Special videos with special camera recordings (360 degrees like in Imax) have been created. The application allows you to use your gamepad to look directly in 360 degrees around you, to see more of the scene. This is a quite unique experience. You will be able to download a couple of free videos from the eShop channel when this comes out. Others will be available as an item to buy. Expect here to come more and more content videos for. The first demo will be published in Spring 2013.

Another completely unique feature, which has never been talked about before is the application that enables you to use Google Maps on your TV screen.

With being able to zoom in and out of a huge map, comes also Streetview by Google. But what is unique is that you can use your Gamepad to look around you dynamically without clicking a button. You can even take your gamepad vertical to see even more from the top to the bottom of for example a building. Expect to be able to take virtual tours from your house to places you have never been yet before.
You will be able to share places with others as well.

The rest of this presentation focuses on the Nintendo 3DS
Animal Crossing 3DS is already out in Japan and is very succesful. They are working hard on the localisation. Animal Crossing 3DS will come out in the second quarter of 2013.

Paper Mario Sticker star will come with a special sticker book that can be registered for, but only the first 10.000 users will be able to get it. Paper Mario sticker Star will come out by the 7th of December 2012.

Some more special packs will come available for download already today on the eShop for Super Mario bros 2 3DS. The Gold Specials pack will be available for a limited time for free…. not so long anymore, so download it if you want to have it as soon as possible.

Also these two packs will be available from today:

– course pack
– coin challenge pack
– Platform panic Pack

Then more 3DS titles are announced and shortly showcased:

Luigi’s Mansion 2

available from March 2013

Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training: Can you stay Focused?
To improve on focus and concentration with difficult special games. The difficulty changes dynamically towards your skill.
Available from the 8th of March 2013

Castlevania Lords of Shadow – Mirrors of Fate
Available from March 2013

Nintendo eShop games for 3ds coming up
– HarmoKnight (gamefreak)

collecting musical notes and beating enemies
completing music is addicting.. as well as collecting the different musical instruments
Available March 2013

Picarus 2
150 new puzzles
And Micross, smaller puzzles based upon famous paintings.
Available in January 2013

have you ever been in a cue?
Puzzlewar Tokya Crash Mobs
How to get rid of the cues.. in any possible way…? by throwing people away!
Available January 2013

Hydroventure Spin Cycle
Available December 2013

Today is also New Wario Land 3 coming to the 3DS eShop (Gameboy Advance)
They concluded with Fire Emblem – Awakening, which will come out in Europe next year.

Game On!

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