Nano Assault Neo review


If you like a challenging arcade shooter, this is the game for you!

Console: Nintendo
Release 2012
Developer: Shin’en Multimedia

Story: Nano Assault Neo proves that a story isn’t necessary to make a game awesome. There is no story in the game but it looks like you are in a body purifying cells from evil microorganisms.


Nano assault neo is an interesting space invader type of game instead of aliens you have to fight of microorganisms and purify different kinds of cells. Your objective is to purify the cell to 90 % before you can continue to the next level. After 90 % the exit is highlighted and you have 30 seconds to escape, if you fail you end up blowing the cell up with yourself on it!.

Along the way enemies will drop upgrades and buffs to help you out. When the level is complete you can upgrade your ship with EXP you gather along the way. These EXP are either scattered across each stage or by defeating tough enemies.

Keep your eyes open for the letters B O N U S that drop from enemies. Complete the word and the game will award you with a challenging bonus mode that will award you insane points and more EXP for your ship. The bonus mode is high phased action. Do not I repeat do not crash your ship in the pillars.

There aren’t many stages in this game 4 worlds with 4 stages each. End of the world you have to defeat a powerful boss. I must admit the boss fights are super fun. The game offers deep challenging gameplay. One future i love about this game is the online high score system. You can see everyone in the world who is top 100. You can also sort it to only show your friends from miiverse. I dare you can you get the top score?

This game features its own achievement system as missions which will award you once completed.

After you cleared first player mode you can try your skills on survival. Otherwise try to beat your top score on arcade mode there you can choose any level you desire to get the best score.


First i must say the WiiU produces some incredible visuals. I play the game in full1080p and it’s gorgeous. There is enough action to keep your eyes busy. Do not get sucked in by the beautiful visuals and background details or the enemies will have you dead in no time.

Sound: I love the music in this game it is very fitting. The music is fast phased and it gets your adrenalin pumped at all times. The developers did a good job in creating the music and sound for this game.

WiiU pad functions: You can play the game on the WiiU pad only if you wish. Otherwise the WiiU pad shows a cool interface which contains the world map and information of your ship.

Good points: Beautiful visuals, Fantastic music. Challenging gameplay, Online Leader boards

Bad points: It’s too darn short!

Conclusion: Nano Assault Neo is a fabulous short game. Great visuals and sound will keep you happy. The difficulty is perfect for this kind of game. The online leaderboards will push you to try to beat the best player. The only down side of this game it’s very short which is a real shame. I can only dream what the developers could do to make this game longer.

Luckily there are enough modes to keep you busy. This game is a must have and it’s worth every penny of your money.

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