MineCraft 1.5 update scheduled for January 2013


Mojang has announced in their recent panel on MineCon that they will publish Minecraft updates every two months instead of the current random updates.Also they have planned to give each of the updates a theme. While there is still enough room for extra content and bug fixes, the updates will be more theme specified, meaning that a certain theme will always have the main amount of updates.

The first update, which is planned for release in January, is the “Redstone Update”.In this update they will change the timing of redstone events making redstone circuits more predictable and consistent.Block Update Detector designs will be affected, but not yet removed.

Redstone signal strength will matter. A Capacitor Block will be added which will have one input, one output (similar to a repeater) but gives full output when the input is strong enough.

With this it will be possible to create Weighted Pressure Plates where the output signal strength is depending on the amount of pressure on the plates.This can for example be used to detect how full/empty a minecart is.
Also they want to improve minecarts in the game with this update. Mojang has looked at the many pipe plugins and mods that have been made by the community to transport things around. With the minecart update, they want to play in on that and design things like being able to load and empty minecarts and also empty out freeloaders (for example pigs traveling with accidently).

They are thinking also about adding a daylight detector and fireworks for New Year’s Eve.

In the video, that is hosted on Gamespot, many Community questions and suggestions are being discussed aswell.

– Add Red Dragons? Not in plan yet, even though there is an egg available for an update.
– New weapons? Perhaps a rapid firing crossbow that doesn’t need updating – nothing planned.
– Redstone blocks? They cannot figure out a use for it, other than storing redstone
– Is Mojang going to stay with Java as a language behind the game? Yes.
– What’s in Jeb’s hair? It stays a secret, even though they got 27.000 replies to that question (survey on mojang.com)
– Would it be possible to disable functionality in the game? This will be possible with the future mod API
– can we have Nether brick half slabs? Yes
– More functionality to piggy back riding? Yes perhaps bags will be added to them, so you can carry stuff.
– Will you consider making pets log out with you? Yes, this could be an idea to solve certain problems on online play.
And many more questions have been answered…

if you are interested, you should check out the video on GameSpot.

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