Unboxing and Connecting the WiiU


It finally came out for Europe on friday the 30th of November 2012! The WiiU for Europe! I’ve ordered the Premium Edition because I love black and it comes with a lot of extra’s that are interesting. Also it’s the edition with the highest amount of memory for games and savegames.


Along with the WiiU Premium Edition came also the game Nintendo Land (the other edition came out with ZombiU, but I am not a big fan of zombi slashing games). So to complete the set for this week, I bought aswell the games Super Mario Bros U, Darksiders 2 and Tekken Tournament.

The day of the WiiU launch, we also organised a WiiU Launch Party for a lot of people via Facebook that were living in Norway. So that day was pretty busy I can tell you.

First we had to pickup the WiiU ofcourse, so we went early to the shops to buy and pick it up. When we arrived home we made a video. After that it was time to pickup the WiiU Pro Controller, some brochures that were sent by Nintendo among many other things that were needed for the party.

At 6pm we had the first people arriving and we split up the party in two:
– young children till 8pm with non-violent games and
– after 8pm for the older ‘children’ with the more violent games.

The presentation went very well, and I/we got very much positive feedback. Unfortunately it was all done in Norwegian, so we won’t be publishing it on our website.

Both me and Steven are really enjoying the WiiU, it’s a fantastic new console with an awesome community. It seems to me that the new Miiverse is like a new community system that has been composed of Twitter and Facebook in one (without using those platforms themselves). The games are looking fantastic in HD and sofar the console has not caused any trouble yet (while there were many reports of problems in America with the WiiU).

But… as I said earlier, we made a movie! It’s the first time that you will see me on Youtube in person.

One more thing: Yes, I am a girl and yes I am The Game Mistress!

Come and see me unboxing and connecting the WiiU:

Have a great gaming weekend!

The Game Mistress

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