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Today’s Kickstarter project is that of Pier Solaar, a recreation of an RPG named Pier Solar and the Great Architects, by WaterMelon that is now making an HD version of the game.


“Pier Solar is a 16-bit RPG that tells the story of Hoston, a young botanist who is on a quest to save his father from a mysterious illness. Along with his two best friends Alina and Edessot, the three friends embark on a quest seeking a rare herb to cure the illness of Hoston’s father.”

Everything that was looking pixelated will now be upgraded to true HD graphics and other effects such as lightning and weather will be added to the game to add atmosphere. The new version will come out on at least Xbox360, PC and Mac and Sega Dreamcast
If stretch goals will be made, it can also be brought out to Ouya, Android and possibly even WiiU (200.000 USD).
This promises to be a fantastic retro/classic game with a beautiful storyline, good gameplay and wonderful graphics.

What makes Pier Solar so special?
– It’s the biggest 16-bit RPG ever created. It comes on a special made cartridge (for Sega) which is bigger than normal cartridges,
– It’s a 100% original RPG that was developed from the ground up by WaterMelon
– You will have an enormous world to explore! Pier Solar has 50+ hours of gameplay, over 300 locations, nearly 500 unique treasure chests, and over 800 NPCs
– You will find epic battle tactics, because of the innovative battle system that puts you in controll. of up to five characters and includes in-depth strategic moves such as counter-attacks and a special strategy called Gather, which stores energy to unleash even more powerful moves and spells
– It is translated in five languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German)- It includes a beautiful soundtrack written just for Pier Solar. You will get the complete retro feel back
– And there are multiple surprises and secrets in the game, such as hidden areas and mini-games.

If you want to make sure it will come out to your favourite console and possibly get an early version of the game, you should perhaps also make a pledge.

Their Kickstarter page:

If you are interested you can watch some of the available videos.

A video of the original game:

Kickstarter Video:

Good weekend and game on!

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