The near future.


It has been a very busy week mainly thanks to Nintendo’s new console the WiiU. I would like to say some of the things you can expect the near future.


A blast from the past: Donald Duck in Maui Mallard

Who remembers this funny game on the Sega mega drive? You take the role as Maui Mallard who both is a secret detective and a funny ninja. His job is to recover a mystic idol before the island explodes.

Kick starter project: Pier Solar

Pier solar is an amazing Sega mega drive made a few years back. The guys behind this game are trying to bring it out on the new consoles with enhanced visuals. We will go more into detail about this amazing project!

A blast from the past: Original Super Mario brothers

I will review one of the first Mario games on the NES. Who remembers this classic platformer?

Wii U

On November the 30th the Wii U is released in Europe. First I will make a special video of me unboxing the console, later on showing some of its futures. You can expect a handful of articles regarding Nintendo’s Next Gen console.

Farcry 3

I will write a preview of this amazing new game. The game should be released today, are you ready for a tropical adventure?

Toyota gt86

Yes i played grand Turismo 5 and I got to test the car in real life, is it just as amazing as it was in the game? Stay tuned to find out!

Other stuff:

As always I will try to update my youtube channel weekly with gameplay footage from various games. I will go deeper into the subject Hardcore vs. Casual players and what my opinions are on this subject. Keep your eyes peeled for another What if? Article this time starring our favourite Italian plumber.

That sums it up for now, of course you never know what to expect, if we find some amazing news it will be on the website. Feel free to leave a request if you want me to write about a special game or subject

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