The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time


“Link debuts in 3D” The legend of Zelda Ocarina of time is one of my favourite Nintendo 64 games ever made, i was surprised about the length, the gameplay and the physics and how advance the game was for its time,. This is the first 3D Zelda game to come out. And in my opinion one of the best 3D Zelda games ever made!


Console: Nintendo 64
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Nintendo
Release date: 1998

The story starts with Navi, the fairy, and the great Deku tree. Navi is asked to find the boy without a fairy, guess what? It’s Link. Link lives in Kokiri Village, every Kokiri has a fairy excluding Link. When Navi meets him, they embark together an epic journey, where he gets to see Hyrule, meets princess Zelda and has to travel back and forth in time to save her from the evil clutches of Ganondorf and free Hyrule from darkness.
The story itself is put very well together. Just when I thought the game ended, after collecting the first three stones and entering the temple of time, the game continues! It’s a thrilling adventure from the beginning to the end. The story left me wanting more; I was hoping the game itself would never end. Not to forget that the game has memorable characters. They all have their own unique story.

The gameplay from that time was stunning. First you had the traditional Zelda elements from the other game and with new stuff added. There are lots of items you can collect and use. Your most used item will be your sword and shield. Items can be all from Deku Seeds, Deku Stick, Slingshots and more. However items differ greatly between adult Link and child Link.
There are some items only child Link can use while other items are for adult Link only. Magic returns in this game as well. By locating the various fairy fountains, some of them have a fairy that will grant you spells, mana and even sword techniques. Keep an eye out for them as they are very handy. Some spells you need to continue the game such as Din’s Fire.

There are collectibles scattered across Hyrule, which contain Golden Skulltulas or special Poe’s.

Golden Skulltulas have to be killed to obtain their mask. Give a certain amount of Golden Skulltulas to the cursed villagers in Kokiri Village and they will give you a hefty reward. The special Poe’s are only available to adult Link. You will need the help of Links’ horse Epona and the Fairy Bow to get them. Make sure you have empty bottles, you can find them by helping people or finding them by your main quest. My favourite item in this game is the Ocarina. The Ocarina is a beautiful instrument that will allow you to play music. Some of the tunes are scattered around in the world for you to find and be able to play, others you will get as adult Link. Every tune has different magical effects. I can safely say the Song of Storms is one of my favourite tunes! If you think you are the master or mistress of the Ocarina, then try making your own songs!

There are many temples in this game, each temple will offer you new items, challenges, boss fights, enemies and puzzles. Puzzles return here and this time it is important to think outside the box and study your surroundings well. A little example: you can use the Deku Sticks as torches to see around you or to burn spider webs to open new paths! Various switches will help you as well along your path.

Exploration is vital, the Fields of Hyrule have many hidden secrets all ready for you to explore.

Environmental damage is probably one of the things that amazed me the most. If you don’t have the right armour and you walk into a volcano (why the heck would you do that??), you will burn or a timer will appear how long you can sustain the heat before you succumb. Adult Link can get special armour that will protect him from heat or from drowning effects.

The irritating fairy Navi, with her standard hit “Hey LISTEN!” (you get the picture) will warn you about nearby dangers and helps you if you are stuck. You can use Navi to identify weaknesses of enemies and bosses.
The boss fights in this game are simply stunning. Also offers the game a huge diversity of enemies; there are more than enough bosses and enemies to keep you busy.

You can use items or the environment to help you. A good example of this are chickens. Grab one and jump off a ledge. They will help you to glide over long distances. A little warning though is in place: “by the love of god, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE HURT THE CHICKENS!” Those white clucking creatures, that perhaps tempt you to use them as target practice, will give you vengeance worse than Ganondorf himself! You have been warned!

Epona is introduced in this game and she is your mount. Amazingly, you can jump over obstacles. Adding this to a Zelda game gives you depth.

The gameplay has lots of pact goodies as you can see, there is loads to do to keep you busy. You can even take your shot at fishing!

The music in this game is phenomenal. Every temple and area has different music. The Ocarina tunes make this game even better. There isn’t any voice acting in this game, only the grunts and sighs you can hear from the non player characters and Link himself. I don’t know why, but it’s always funny to let Link drop from a certain height to let him get hurt. The sound effects are very well done, they help to emphasise the atmosphere or area you are in.

For that time (games from 1998), the graphics are amazing. Enough eye candy, wherever you go. Beautifully crafted landscapes . From blazing volcano’s to watery landscapes, to hot deserts, to a lush green forest to a dark shadowy temple. This game offers it all. Every temple has its own theme, and it is impossible to get bored. The characters are very well animated as well.

The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time is a diamond! One of my favourite games and that’s no surprise. An epic story driven by awesome gameplay. The graphics and sound do a good job giving you that perfect adventure. The controllers are well tailored towards this game. If I had a ranking system for articles on my website (but I do not want it for a reason), there is no doubt that I would give this game a 10 out of 10! If you never played this game than shame on you! You have missed one of the best adventure games out there, starring our favourite green clothed hero – Link.

Game On!

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