A busy time of the year


So in the last weeks in November things start to get busy.


Why? Well at least the end of the year is in sight. Time for the all famous lists for people. The list of the best songs on the radio, the list of the best games on all consoles and this list continues…

It has also been a turbulent month with changes good and bad to a lot of games and launches.

For example did SWTOR go free to play, Rift launched a new expansion, World of Warcraft celebrated their 8th year in business and Guild Wars 2 launched an all changing one-time event.

Exciting times certainly also for Nintendo who launched their WiiU in the USA last Sunday and is about to launch this to Europe in a week and a day from now. With their new console, several new games are also launched both digital and in normal disc format.

Also it’s thanksgiving this weekend and Black Friday coming friday, bringing a lot of goodies at your favourite stores and most games also offer some special deals. Perhaps some good deals on your favourite games? Or some in-game items at your favourite online game?

And then December will be soon there.. with even more things going on, even more titles to be launched and ofcourse St Nicolas, Christmas and New Year around the corner.

We are ofcourse busy with the WiiU Launch aswell (special party, videos, news and other goodies for you!) and have lots of ideas for the website in planning.

I think we will do one or two of those famous top lists ourselves, or do you think they should be left out on Game Mistress?

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