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I am a huge fan of jigsaw puzzles since I was a young child. I remember well when I used to do jigsaw puzzle games with my family all in range from 2500 pieces to 5000. (ouch)


Jigidi.com is a cool website, because it allows you to play jigsaw puzzles online for free! Not only that, you can create your own puzzles as you please. Just make sure you follow the guidelines:

– no copyright material,
– no pornographic,
– no violence,
– no commercials
– etc.

To make your own puzzle, you just upload an image as you please, once the image is uploaded you can choose how many pieces your puzzle should contain. Jigidi.com will automatically create your puzzle pieces.

You don’t need an account to play with the jigsaw puzzles, however if you register, you can create your own puzzles and share them with people. Beat the puzzle as quickly as possible. Afterwards you can see your and other peoples time scores for that puzzle, a bit like a leader board system. Or you can simply leave a friendly comment behind for the creator and others to read.

You can bookmark you favourite puzzles, search them by theme or search persons’ profile. The menu is very simple and extremely user friendly. If you want, you can donate money to the people behind Jigidi. If you donate 18$, you will get a star on your profile name, ads will be removed and the money will go into making the website even better.

The website is as well integrated with today’s social media.

I am addicted like mad to this website; perhaps because each time I click on play, I have no clue what puzzle the website gives me. I advice to give it a try if you are a jigsaw lover like I am.

Happy puzzling!

The Game Mistress

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