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With this newsarticle we would like to congratulate Refract Studios with their successful campaign on


On the 16th of October 2012 Refract Studios launched their Kickstarter project to make a follow up of their earlier produced game Nitronic Rush, named Distance. Nitronic Rush was a game made in a special schoolproject which was very successful on the internet among racing players. Since its release in 2011, the game has been played over 1.1 million times, and it’s picked up several award nominations/wins in competitions like Indie Game Challenge, Independent Propeller Awards, IGF, and the Inside Gaming Awards.

With Distance they promised to bring back the gameplay from Nitronic Rush with more. In Distance you will be racing from A to B while beating obstacles (avoiding stuff on the road, flying over gaps with a special flying mode and drive over the walls and make loops to get to your destination, as quick as possible. Flying to or jumping over objects does also mean discovering new and faster roads (shortcuts).

Although it seemed a little bit hopeless at some point as the pledges came in fast in the beginning and slower over the course of the campaign, at the 14th of November with only 68 hours to go until the end of the Kickstarter campaign, Distance was official. Refract Studios got their main goal of 125.000 dollar of pledges in and as they still had about 2 days and a few hours left, they decided to have some stretch goals.

The first stretch goal at 150.000 dollars has also been made at the end of the campaign.
Refract Studios has been paid 161,981 US dollars and they also received a good amount of money on their Paypal (we do not know at this point how much exactly, but we will most likely hear more after Monday).

With the first stretch goal made, we can expect also full Replay and Spectator Mode to be added to the game. While they already planned on supporting ghost replays on the level Nitronic Rush supported, this system would allow you to have:

– Loading/saving of replays
– Many different camera angles including cinematic modes
– Free camera
– Fast forward/rewind/play/pause
– Slow motion

We congratulate Refract Studios with their made goals and now wish them much luck with finishing development of their game so that we soon can play it. We are looking much forward playing it, Nitronic Rush was great, Distance will be even better!

Game on! and Kickstarters: Develop more great games!

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