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Today My Friend Marita came over and visited me and brought with the game Zumba fitness. So we decided to give the game a shot and boy was I surprised. Let me just tell you I do have a bad back, but the game does help indeed, since it forces you to move. The general concept of the game is that you dance and copy the moves that the game shows you.


Console: Wii

Let me explain:
You get a special belt when you buy the game. This belt goes around your waist and the Wii remote goes in it. Now the game shows you how to exactly dance using a female dancer from Zumba. The Wii remote notices your hip movement, if you follow the steps right the female on the screen will glow green and you will fill your party meter. Do it wrong she will remain orange or red. If you managed to successfully fill up the party meter, you will get more dancers on the screen. That was as much as I could figure out so far.

I didn’t get much chance to play the game since I don’t own it, but I can tell you we did play the multiplayer mode Zumba lessons intensive workout 20 minutes.

There is very catchy music with the game that does want to make you dance. Believe me the game is a real workout, once you are finished with the 20 minute session you are left tired, sweaty and your blood stream will flow across your body making you feel you have trained well.

After the normal 20 minute dance mode, the game will let you cool down with a relaxing belly dance kind of style that will focus on stretching your muscles.

Ofcourse you can cheat your way around in the game, you don’t have to copy the lady on the screen, but instead simply move your hips, but that is no fun and you don’t get trained (all loss is on yourself).

After the mode finishes, depending how well you performed, you will see the top score of you and your friend you played with.

image taken a few weeks ago

Zumba is a fun game to play with others. You get your workout, you get plenty of laughs with friends, and you get to listen to some fun music, heck maybe the game will make a better dancer out of you?

I will one day write a proper review when I own the game myself, but sofar my opinion is that overall Zumba is a fun and enjoyable game.

Keep on dancing!

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