Review: Halo 4 (single player)


Halo 4 continues where Halo 3 left off. Cortana wakes master chief up from his deep slumber in the UNSC frigate “Forward unto Dawn”. Suddenly they are attacked by a splinter faction called the Storm Covenant. After a long battle you end up on the Forerunner planet Requiem. Can you make it back to Earth alive and save the galaxy from a new threat?


Console: Xbox 360
Developers: 343 industries
Publisher: Microsoft studio
Release: 2012

343 Industries has taken the story to a brand new level. Overall the entire story is well done from the beginning to the end. This time the game does a very well job on highlighting the relationship between Master Chief and Cortana. Cortana has outlived the typical AI lifespan, which is seven years. She is on her 8th year and is slowly turning Rampant. Rampant is a state in which AI think themselves to death. The story does a very well job describing how Cortana changes and struggles with this Rampant state.

The game introduces the Didact, a Forerunner as the main antagonist. There is more interaction with soldiers, civilians and other races, which I won’t go into detail about since I don’t want to spoil the story for you. The ending of the game left me surprised, my jaw dropped to the ground and I started to cry. It is rare that a video game has such an impact on me. This is how good the story is in Halo 4 and its one of the best I have played in a long time.

The First person shooter element is still present, you can pick up any weapon you desire and shoot at your enemies. But it offers a bit of exploration as well. This game has some new goodies such as pickups you could use with the LB button, all from shields, to making clones of yourself or a fighting drone that will help to kill your enemies. I think one of my favourite additions to the game is that you can control more vehicles than before. That made the gameplay far more enjoyable and added additional depth to the game.

Since a new enemy was presented in the game, the Prometheans, so are new weapons, and those weapons are my favourite in the entire Halo series. I had a real blast killing my enemies with their own medicine! You have to dodge and cover enemy attacks unless you wish to die quickly. The enemies in this game are not stupid. They will dodge your grenades, and run up to you and slam you when they see an opportunity for it! If that wasn’t bad enough, they can control vehicles as well and give you the time of your life! Overall I am very pleased with the gameplay in Halo 4.

The music is composed by Neil Davidge. I can tell you he did an extraordinary job creating the music for Halo 4. It is different from the other Halo series. Very beautifully put together and it fits the game’s atmosphere, enhancing it perfectly. The voice acting is extremely well done, not to forget that the voices of the aliens are funny to listen to. Other sound effects blend well into the world. Overall the sound will not disappoint you.

The graphics in this game is breathtaking. I was shocked when I saw the first CGI, I honestly thought that real actors were playing the scene, but no, this was all animation and beautifully rendered graphics. The world design of the game is breath taking. The areas look beautiful. The people and aliens are well designed with smooth movement. Overall everything is well animated and it is clearly the Xbox is getting a beating to run this game. The loading can take a long time, but it is all forgiven with the beauty the game provides.

Halo 4 is a must have. This game is my favourite addition to the series! 343 Industries have outdone themselves in creating this masterpiece. This game offers everything a true Halo fan would love. A compelling story, amazing sound and voice acting, beautiful visuals and the thrill it offers you.

This is only a review for the single player story mode.

I recommend this game to anyone, if you don’t play it than you are missing a unique gaming experience!

Game on!

The Game Mistress

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