Torchlight 2 preview

Rather soon, but how soon we won’t know yet, Torchlight 2 will come out. I am looking very forward to this game as it will include multiplayer mode. Diablo 3 was also a game I waited long for, but appeared to be not as successful and fun as what we expected of it after more than 10 years waiting. Torchlight 1 was a great game and Torchlight 2 will be just bigger and better.

Torchlight 2 continues where Torchlight 1 left off. Torchlight 1 was actually stopped development and brought out simply because the team had not enough funds to improve it even further. Multiplayer mode was simply not included. It turned out to be a fun game with a small storyline but an enormous replayability. They’ve expanded the known pet system from the first game with new things that your pet can do for you. Now it will be able to shop for you aswell to buy potions while you continue slashing at all these mobs.

The game comes with more classes, quests, more diverse items and a fresh storyline.

At character creation you now will also have the option to design your character, choose a class and your gender, aswell as choosing a suitable pet.

New in this game is also that it plays out in an open world. Before you had the town as your main base and from there out you went to the mines and you could enter dungeons (for treasure). Now you will find outside the beginners place an open vast world to explore with several towns in it. The world is randomized every time you play, giving you a fresh experience per time.

Even when you have finished the game, your character can play in yet another (redo) adventure with the same loot, items, armour and layout.

The multiplayer functionality has been added to Torchlight 2, so that you can play Co-op with your friends or partner over LAN or over the internet. This is all free of charge. Torchlight 2 can also be played as a single player game and you do not need to be online for this, unlike Diablo 3 where this is required.

As was with the first game, Torchlight 2 will also have the ability to mod the game to your liking with the TorchEd(itor).

Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to play the game during the past beta. Now we just will have to wait for an official release date.

Torchlight 2 will come out via their own website, via Steam and via Perfectworld.
If you pre order Torchlight 2 right now (for example via Steam) you will receive the full first game for free to play right now (and if you owned it from before, you will be able to send it to someone as a gift).

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