Guild Wars 2 – Lost Shores Event


Coming friday, saturday and sunday (16-18th of November) Guild Wars 2 organises another one-time event for the players.The special event is called “The Lost Shores” which involves the attack of the Karka’s, a race of a mixture of a crab and a spider, againtst Lions’ Arch.


On friday the 16th at around 9pm it starts with actually just that, a massive attack from the Karka’s on Lion’s Arch. Or should I say: invasion?!

On saturday the 17th, start once again at 9pm, this event is about driving the attackers back, away from Lion’s Arch, as well as a new island to explore where we can counter the attack on Lion’s Arch.

On sunday the 18th of November at 9pm, the final battle will be fought.

The idea with the events, followed up by a content patch is the introduction of permanent changes by this type of world events. The players that will be joining the forces against the Karka’s will help make a decission on how Tyria’s going to look like after the patch.

Along with the event a number of features will be launched. There will be a free trial weekend during this event, just to add the possibility for more people joining Guild Wars 2, as well as joining in the epic fight for the future of Tyria.The free trial will last for 3 days from thursday the 15th. This is a limited offer, so be there when it is released!

The events also adds a new dungeon experience called: Fractals of the Mists, which gives you a series of mini dungeons that adapt to your experience and skill.

Also for the PvP lovers there will be a new PvP map available called Temple of the Silent Storm.
Otherwise there is an amount of new items for the Blacklion Trade company as well as new gear and infusions for the crafter

Here’s the special video Teaser for the event:

And here’s the special info page by Guild Wars 2 themselves:

Happy gaming and see you around on The Lost Shores event?


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