First MineCraft Adventure – Funland


Finally, a MineCraft video! Steven was so kind to invite me to play on his server. Little I knew, he installed a very big themepark named Funland version 3.


So, he teleported me there and we had fun. I just ran past without buying a ticket (I didn’t know that was possible in MineCraft?) and got myself in a lot of trouble.

I’m sure you want to see me failing in a game for once as the Game Mistress??!

I am having the biggest trouble with MineCrafts’ interface and gameplay. You will see me failing at the simplest type of things such as getting in or out of a minecart… “You just hop in them right?”

I just seem to screw up every ride possible and “poor” Steven tries to explain me what I should do.
Also you can see the bickering between me and Steven, which can be rather funny (friends say so at least), but it’s no serious stuff ofcourse.

Watch our first adventure:

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