A look at Nitronic Rush


After supporting the game Distance, I couldn’t help myself but to download the game Nitronic Rush and boy: was I surprised!


Ever dreamed about a car that could do insane stuns, barrel rolls, front flips and black flips? Not to forget TO FLY?! Look no further: Nitronic Rush offers exactly this!

I spend my time first playing the story mode. It was a simple story of an protective AI going rouge and you have to save the day. But the challenges to complete each stage are very joyful, funny and gave me a lot of laughter. You have to reach the goal avoiding any deadly traps or gaps that come in your way.

And you think flying is safe in this game? Think again. When you go airborne there will be mines waiting to blow you up or walls you can easily crash into.

This game offers what ALL racing games should offer: BOOST! Boost gives you extra speed. Be careful if you boost around or fly around too much, your engine will overheat. Trust me it sucks.

Phenomenal music! Phenomenal level design. It’s a shame the story mode is so short but from what I understood: Nitronic Rush is an alpha of the game Distance.

After you completed story mode you can challenge yourself on hardcore levels, challenge levels, stunt mode and community levels which are created by other players. Each mode will keep you busy.

I highly recommend this game to anyone who loves an insane neon light high speed stunt crazed racer with electronic punk music. The only sad thing is that this game doesn’t offer multiplayer. Oh well. Their follow-up Kickstarter project named Distance will though offer multiplayer among other functionality. Check this blog out for more info or check their Kickstarter page to help them get it published. Also you could check out the interview we did with them recently.

Here’s my gameplay video:

Game on

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