Microsoft replacing Live Messenger with Skype


Microsoft is about to remove Live Messenger completely from the market replacing it with Skype.

Microsoft has announced they are stopping their MSN Live Messenger services by March 2013 and they will instead focus their attention on Skype (which they bought for 8,5billion USDollar), after that.

It is mainly because the MSN Live Messenger usage numbers have been dwindling lately, but I suppose it also has to do with that they bought Skype and haven’t really put much attention to this platform yet. Skype does pretty much the same as Live Messenger did since 1999, but is generally better performing because of the added possibility of calling and being called.

In 2010 MSN Live Messenger had 300 million users, but this platform has now (only) 100 million users left and numbers are still falling. Meanwhile Skype has reached 280 million users.

As it will be more of a merge, MSN Live Messenger accounts will be used to login onto Skype’s services and that MSN Live Contacts will be on your friends’ list. This can already be done with the latest update of Skype (6.0) that was released a few weeks ago.

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