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Some more news regarding the upcoming Nintendo WiiU, because of a Nintendo Direct Streaming session last night.[/intro]

One of the things that have been said is that WiiU has the technology for communicating and working together with Nintendo 3DS, but this will not be available yet for a while.

The new way of online play will be through an account with Nintendo to use and access their online services.

For now save games will still save on your console, but in the near future Nintendo will offer cloud saving as an extra option (question is what will happen with those people that do not have internet, I suppose they will still be able to save it locally). On Wii it was just a Mii that got used for saving games, now you will have a complete account on which you can still link a Mii.

A WiiU supports upto twelve users / accounts. So your whole family will still be able to create their own profile and savegames. Each account will have their own tethered save data, browser bookmarks and play history. But, if you would download a game from the eShop on one account, all other accounts on your WiiU will also be able to access and play the game, so you can play with upto 12 accounts on one WiiU console on one game license.

Also have they announced that the Nintendo ID in the future can be used to access Nintendo’s services via PC or smartphone to visit for example the eShop on this. This will however not be available yet on the launch at the 30th of November.

Another feature that has been presented is the WaraWara Plaza, the marketplace where games and Mii’s come together. Mii’s are other players (friends, friends of friends, people of your country or people in your city etc) that also own the game you are playing and there you will see daily topics, like in a forum, of people that are having opinions, comments or questions about games. Mii characters surround these titles are talking about these specific games. This information is updated daily, so it seems that this won’t be live information at any time, but an update done every night.

Iwata also showed the audience how to make a WiiU Chat videocall by calling to Reggie in America. In this conversation, where Reggie tried out talking Japanese, they both used the WiiU controller to see each other, draw in realtime on the screen with each other and did talk with each other. Now was this call made directly, but if you would be playing a game yourself, you would know there is a new call by a flashing home button.

You can communicate with added friends on your Wii. You will no longer be required to add friendcodes like we had before with Wii, but you will only need their Nintendo ID.

Watch the original Nintendo Japan video for the Europe:

If you want a little bit more background information, than watch Bill Trinen’s explanation (Nintendo of America):

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