A controller for your mobile gaming experience


Today a short article about yet another Kickstarter project that seems interesting for the mobile gamers (android, iphone, ipad etc).


Today I found iMpulse, a handheld gaming device on bluetooth with which you can control games and apps without using your fingers on the display. The problem with gaming nowadays on mobiles and ipad is that you have to use your fingers to control the game and while you do that you cannot really see anymore what you are doing as your fingers are in the way.

iMpulse is solving this problem, iMpulse is the controller of the size of an USB stick that would fit on your keyring. It comes with a special sleeve that protects your controller from harm in your pockets and is also a stand for your phone when you are using your controller to game or using your phone for watching video or having a video chat.

Impulse video:

They’ve already passed their goal long ago, but if you want to make sure you get your controller before anyone else, you can still pledge for it (30 dollars minimal + 15 dollar for International shipping).

Read more on their own page on Kickstarter:

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