Preview: Need for Speed – Most Wanted (2012)


I remember playing Need for Speed 1 and later nr 2. The 19th edition in the Need for Speed series has recently been released for all major consoles (PC, Xbox360, Playstation3, Playstation Vita, Android, iOS and also for the WiiU in 2013).[/intro]

In Most Wanted you will be able to select a car to compete against other racers in reaching the finishline in the new city named Fairhaven. Cops will also be there again and are integrated into the whole racing experience, both before/between races as well as in the races themselves. Cops will use cars and special tactics to stop the player to arrest him/her.

Autolog will also be implemented again in the game but this time around it will give much more information. Activities in-game are rewarded with Speed Points which players can use to upgrade their car with or to buy better ones. Also this time you will be able to compete against other nonstop. No more menus and lobbies but you will be driving from one competition to another inside the big online city.

Need for Speed Most Wanted Trailer:

What is unique with this newer version of Most Wanted is that it has now an open world in which players from all over the world will be able to play together and to compete to earn once again more Speed Points. Even the cars in the game have an achievement system built in, called “Car Milestone”, to unlock modifications, re-inflating tires, impact protection, powershot Nitrous or Track tires.

Every event starts with a meet up. You score even bonus points for getting at the meeting place first.

Criterion Games is doing one thing good: The graphics get better every release. Also this game is beautifully decorated with the newest type of graphics, beautiful looking cars, big environments with great detail and all the fog, smoke, flames and destruction you can wish for!

Realism isn’t a keyword here, I believe banging into a lanternpole at 200 miles an hour would generally total your car, but that’s not the point with Need for Speed anyway. Need for Speed is about high speed, crashing through objects destroying them real quick earning some extra points and finding shortcuts to win the match.

Need for Speed gameplay:

People call Need for Speed Most Wanted for a mixture between Burnout Paradise and Need for Speed Undercover combined. We are just looking forward to this fantastic looking game in which both casual players as well as competitive players will find plenty to do!

Game on!

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