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I’m more of the racing game fan than any other game really (that’s not true, I love also fantasy mmo’s, sandbox crafting games such as minecraft and strategic games such as Transport Tycoon deluxe and Starcraft and the like). Not that I am good at playing them, but I just love the look and feel of racing around tracks or through diverse landscapes.


I started with games like Pitstop on the Commodore64, followed up by Formula 1 Racing on the PC (the 1997 one).
Later on it was Need For Speed which was ultimately followed up by Trackmania and the perhaps slightly unknown “AudioSurf”. There were also numerous other racing games that I played, either alone or with friends, but I am unable to put them all up.

No, instead I should talk about a new game in development and as a project on Kickstarter at the moment. A very interesting one, this team created a very popular (but until today it was unknown to me) game named “Nitronic Rush”, which you can download for free here.

Now they are developing a follow up called Distance. It will feature a unique car that can boost, jump, rotate and even fly through the game world, with unpredictable roads with obstacles. You won’t be doing any classic loops, but instead you will have to find your way around the obstacles to the finishline. It will be a fast paced survival racing game that combines arcade racing with exploration of an unknown world. Your car can, next to driving fast, also drive upside down and on buildings and walls.

This game will, on special request by backers, now also feature multiplayer mode with various different playmodes available at release. I’m pretty excited about this game, not only because it is an indie game developed by former students that have the creativity prioritized over the monetization (and can think outside of the box), but also because it will be possible to get the game we want from this as the backers can basicly comment their thoughts about the game directly to the developers on Kickstarter. Try that with a game like Need for Speed! Also I think that this game can be an excellent refreshment over Trackmania.

I’m quite sure that I cannot keep the car on the road as much as a pro player, but it will surely entertain me with the neonlike atmosphere, the high speed racing and the several different game modes on- and offline. But I think this game is going to be fantastic and can’t wait for the guys to succeed their Kickstarter campaign and publish their game.

Distance Teaser Trailer:

If you think that this game is great aswell, then you should perhaps back them up on Kickstarter!
Also you can vote for the game to come to Steam, by upvoting their game on Steam Greenlight.

Early Alpha Gameplay Video:

Game on!


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