Guild Wars 2 – Mad King Halloween Event


Earlier today at 8pm (Sunday 29th October 2012) Guild Wars 2 organised a special one-time-only event ingame starring the Mad King. Here’s our report.


It started with me putting my graphic setting all the way down, as to be able to get enough framerate to see the event. We are running, as you know, not on the most newest hardware anymore and the game itself takes quite the amount of memory. Especially when the whole world suddenly joins in on the same square in Lions Arch.

Right before the event people were spamming mapchat, spamming emotes, fighting Halloween brawls and throwing fireworks around, so you can imagine the amount of particles being generated, or the lag that I received. I had a framerate of 12-13 when the event started. The ground started to shake..and… well see for yourself.

After this it’s about defeating the Mad King as you could see. I didn’t manage to get into a group and join the event in the same instance as the rest of the group, as well as that we got several other old and new bugs. People from different servers that were in the same overflow server couldn’t join each other and in the end I got messages that the login server couldn’t log me in any longer. Guild and party chat even went offline and it said I wasn’t in a guild any longer. Joining each others overflow didn’t work either. Krystal (our Game Mistress) got in in the end and defeated the Mad King with a group of 3 (the other 2 couldn’t get in either). After Krystal finished the event, the servers couldn’t handle it any longer and the whole system went offline, servers, forums, everything a complete blackout on the datacenter.

And then it got back online, perhaps even patched and fixed.. and suddenly everything worked again. I compiled the video here and was allowed to use the machine where The Game Mistress plays on. So I also finally managed to finish the event and did slay the Mad King. Unfortunately we do not have that covered on ‘tape’ for you. But I am sure that tons of others did do so on youtube.

A great event, but I do hope that ArenaNet will take the hint of testing stuff better before they release it. Many other things on the Halloween event have been bugged the past few days too and still are. The Halloween event will still run until the 31st of October, so come and join us!

Happy gaming!

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