Gaming news of 26th of October 2012


Some gaming news of this week, which contains: iPhone5, iPad mini, new MMO’s under development and some extra Halloween news.


First, the iPhone5. Released on September 28th in Europe, this new version of the iPhone isn’t all that big (in my opinion) in changes from the previous ones. I suppose it is more powerful (has an A6 chip for graphics), it has a bigger screen (4 inch retina screen 16:9 mode) and has a newer OS on it (iOS6).
It will come down to a bit more on your screen and more/tougher apps to run on your phone. It is though a phone, one would think, but smartphones are more used for anything else than phoning lately. So iPhone5 comes with ultrafast Wifi internet, is much thinner, making it less heavy in your pocket and has enough graphic power for your favourite games.

Games like MineCraft Pocket Edition and Asfalt7 will run perfectly on it. iPhone5 also comes with a fantastic new audio system (speakers) that make your gaming experience complete. People say that iPhone5 is the smartphone for gaming.

Whether the same will go for the iPad mini that recently got announced and most likely will come available from November, is to be seen. The iPad mini is smaller in size than the iPad2, but has still the same resolution of 1024×768. The iPad mini comes with a dual core A5 chip (so a slightly older processor), a 720p HD camera for video conferencing and has a 7.9 inch display. Game developers say it is another way to get a group of iOS users to get into gaming. However we have no clue whether the iPad mini will perform well enough for games. Somehow to me the iPhone5 seems to be more powerful. But ofcourse, the iPad mini will have a bigger screen than the iPhone5.

The new MMO’s under development are Dragon’s Prophet which will be a sandbox game with much fighting with dragons. No not fighting against them, but using them.

Dragons become your mount and because of the tamed dragon’s you own, you will get skills in combat because of them. Also they will have a nice system for housing where your house doesn’t disappear in an big instanced system, but they will be available and accessible to all in the world.

City of Steam, a steampunk MMO, is going closed beta. You can buy a pre-order pack with access included. The beta is split in four periods of time and will last the last two months of this year. So hopefully a release next year?

Mech Warriors Online is going open beta on Monday 29th of October 2012.

The Elder Scrolls will come with an online version (MMO) in 2013. As there was much speculation about the storyline and backstory of this game, a story and much other content has been published on the website, to stop the confusion.


Minecraft came with their Halloween update yesterday. You can read everything on the screenshot below, or on their website. Much scary stuff and a lot of goodies extra.

MineCraft for Xbox came with a new skinpack. If you buy it, you will also support charity (or Mojang will at least).

GuildWars 2 has released their Halloween update on the 23rd already, the next update came just out a couple of hours ago and the next ones are on the 28th and the 31st. They did it in such way that it is building up towards the Mad King and so that there is always something new to explore.

Have fun!

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