What if – Sonic the Hedgehog?


It is no secret that our favourite blue mascot from Sega won the console wars in the 90’s with his best games Sonic the Hedgehog 1, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
But what if it would be changed? And what would need to be changed to make a different experience?!


Disclaimer: Don’t be offended by this article. We take the design of the current Sonic franchise into the world of gamedesign and character building. This article is written with our own opinions, do not take it serious.

The first Sonic Adventures game was a real blast, but after that it started to change. I don’t blame the 3D technology for this change but since Yuji Naka, the ‘father’ of Sonic left Sega, it has hurt the Blue Hedgehog. Some of the games got more and more characters and playable characters which didn’t make sense to the franchise. Just think of that time Sonic had romance with a human ( EWWWWW).

Lately the 3D games of sonic have been very good, Sonic Generations, and Sonic Colours. This left people wanting a Sonic Adventures 3.

But what if Sega changed the concept a bit. Here are my thoughts:

A new villain
It is no secret that Sega has used the same villain Dr Ivo Robotnik who for some reason went to call himself these days Dr Eggman ( wtf?).
What if they send Dr Eggy off to a LONG vacation and gave birth to a brand new evil villain which has nothing to do with Dr Eggmans influence what so ever?! He should not even be in the game!

Someone new to the Sonic Universe, some hidden dark secret from the ancient Echidna race, or some evil power that escaped some temple because Knuckles was gullible or something.

Chaos Emeralds
We can all agree they have been in every Sonic game, they are the cause for bad stuff to happen and in the end of the day our hero has to gather them to transform to Super Sonic and save the day. Now there was one game that used the Sol emeralds which were a bit like the chaos emeralds to some regard. But what if the chaos emeralds did not have any involvement this time in the next sonic game?

No more friends!
Yes the heroes have to stay: Tails and Knuckles are always welcome, if they need a female, let it be Amy, but make her grow up a bit.
But no one else! No Shadow, no Cream, no Hektor or Chaotix, no bunnies or kitties from another dimension and no Silver. You get the picture! I would love to see an original adventure with the original characters and a new bad villain.

So to sum it up, it would be a Sonic game
– without chaos emeralds,
– with the original crew, and
– with a new villain.

Does it sound good or does it sound bad?
Ofcourse Sega has to keep the fast paced action; it’s not a Sonic game without the insane speed or platforming.

What would you like to see different in a sonic game?

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