Halloween Patches to your game!

At least two games, possibly more, are adding special Halloween content coming week.

MineCraft 1.4
MineCraft is adding a new big update to their game (the PC/java version) containing some Halloween specific updates as well as major changes to the game that will also count after Halloween is over.

We don’t have this official yet, but based upon beta test releases it could include the following:
– witches, bats, wither boss, wither skeletons (Halloween)
– pumpkin pie (Halloween)
– dye leather armour, stone gates, dye wolf collar, item frames, wooden button (action content)
– carrot on stick (for riding and controlling)
– mobs will have items and wear armour.
– A special command block for servers (adventure mode)
– A beacon for casting a light in the sky and giving upgrades to your character
– potatoes, carrots, golden carrots and poisonous potatoes for cooking

Minecraft’s Halloween Patch ‘Pretty Scary Update’ will go live on the 24th of October 2012.

Guild Wars 2: Shadow of the Mad King
Guild Wars 2 is also adding both Halloween and normal content to their game:
The Halloween event will take place for one week long from the 22nd of October and will hold festivities with decorations, new mini-games and new events.

There will be a four act storyline around Halloween.
The Black Lion Trading Company, known for its versatile item shop, will also release more items in the shop, including Halloween costumes. As I said, next to Halloween costumes they will also add more content for the normal gameplay.

Tyria will also get more events, jumping puzzles, bosses and mini-dungeons and achievements added across the whole worldmap. For the PvP players out there, Guild Wars 2 will enable for the PvP paid Tournament which you can join with four other players (five players total). These tournaments require a ticket from the Black Lion Trade Post to signup for, but will also reward you with better prizes than normal tournaments.

Lots of interesting new content is going to come rather soon to your game!

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