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It is always fun to play games with others, but what if you want your closest loved one, who normally has no interest to play video games, to play with you? This is an article how you can invite such a person into the world of gaming


Gaming is fun.

People, who are sceptical about games, have mostly experienced them to be boring. Maybe because they just saw the person they care for play a game all the time that isn’t to their interest. Or they have heard bad things about video games in the media. If you want to get your loved one to play with you. Introduce them to the gaming world by showing gaming is fun.

It is not wise to take your favourite fps or hack and slash game in the beginning. Ask them what they like. Do they like character building? Designing a character? Do they love story? Perhaps a simple RPG or adventure could be the game to show them. Do they like to laugh and have fun? Play a simple party game every console out there has good party titles. By showing them gaming is fun they will more likely enjoy gaming, in the end they are more likely to start playing the “hardcore” game titles with you


Patience is very important when introducing a new person to the gaming world. It’s never fun to be yelled at when doing a mistake. When you are new to something a learning curve is required. Show them you are patient and willing to help them. In return they will feel more invited to play with you in the future.


It is important to give compromise in the beginning. We all know you are way better than the new gamer, let them win a few rounds. Don’t always beat the living daylights out of them in a game. If you don’t, than more likely you will make them turn away from gaming causing them to never play with you again. Be fair let them have a laugh and when they get better than you can slowly play more serious.

Yes I have experience.

I have experience with inviting people to play games with me that normally they couldn’t care about gaming. My best friend paid me a visit and I showed her the game Runes of Magic. I promised I would make a character with her and by my surprise she downloaded the game and created her own character. In return I created an alt and we had an evening full of fun. Nowadays when she visits me we play console games together just for the laughs. The bottom line we have fun and she enjoys the world of gaming.

I have several other friends who were not into gaming until they saw I had a Wii and the game Wii sports, amazed how innovative the console is. They decided to pick up a Wii remote and join in on the fun. Nowadays the same friends have their own consoles and steam accounts and they play daily.

I and my sister even got my mother to play video games using the same tactic she now plays GW2 with us. It is all possible! Patience and lot of laughs is required.

A friend of mine told me he got his girlfriend to play games, thanks to the Lego series. I have played the game myself on the Xbox 360, and I highly recommend using this game for new beginners

I do hope these tips will bring you and your loved one closer together in the world of gaming. It is surprising how fun it is to play with others especially if it’s your closest.

Happy Gaming

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