Gaming News 13th of October 2012


While Comic Con is running in New York, we will publish some more general gaming news closer by which goes for all: more news from Linden Lab, Windows 8 apps and games, Mojang news, League of Legends statistics, Sega news.


Linden Lab
As you know, Linden Lab created long ago Second Life. You may aswell know that they just released an open beta (10 USD) for minecraft inspired ‘Patterns’, but now Linden Lab announced to come with two more games and they will all be available from November.

Next to Patterns there will be CreatorVerse. CreatorVerse will be at first only be available to IOS (ipad) as a creative platform to draw upon and to make functional designs that become ‘alive’ in a 3D or 2D world. These creations will be shared into the cloud so that others can build upon it.
In the PC and MAC version, the player will be able to actually sell their creations, in the same way this was possible in Second Life (for real money). Linden Lab will with that continue with their currency.

The two new games that are announced are Dio and Versu, what they will do we do not know yet, all that I found were merely assumptions and we do not want to publish that.

Windows 8 in the news again
There is some talk about games rated MATURE not being allowed to be installed on Windows 8, but this isn’t the truth.
Media has blown up the story a little, so we will give you the facts here.
On Microsoft’s Windows 8 own Appstore there won’t be any games and applications being sold that have a rating over PEGI 16 and Mature.

Microsoft has confirmed it towards Kotaku:
“…apps with a rating over PEGI 16, ESRB MATURE, or a corresponding rating under other ratings systems… are not allowed.”

This means only for their app store, so you can still buy your game in a gameshop or download and install on your machine.

On Mojangs side of things
Mojang is first of all preparing for their MineCon in November in Disneyland Paris. Second they are preparing to launch a patch 24th of October for Halloween with a lot more content, blocks, items, functionality and Halloween scaryness. They hit 5 million Facebook fans and Notch has been in an interview() about his current developments of a game title named 0x10c.
0x10c is going to be some sort of space ship simulator for the scifi fans under us. I believe that 0x10c can be a great game, because Notch likes to play around with players’ creativity and enable for fun gameplay.

Here’s some ingame footage of Notch’s 0x10c:

Leage of Legends, a team competitive game that once started as a MOD For Warcraft 3, has come to the press with some statistics. They have now 32 million active players on monthly base. This goes down to 12 million daily active players and 3 million players online simultaneously on average on any time of the day. Also in their stats is that less than 10% of their playerbase is female. Something needs to be done there!

Sega teased this week with Sonic Jump for mobile. This Sonic Jump has been a title before on mobile phones back in 2007. Now Sega promises that it won’t be a direct port to smartphones but rather a recreation of it. We haven’t got much more than this picture,

so we will have to wait and see what more Sega will reveal the coming weeks. As for platforms it would be at least for iOS but who knows aswell for Android.

That was it for today.

Game on and enjoy your weekend!

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