Ravaged, not a standard shooter


We just received our Ravaged beta keys and will be playing and showcasing it soon on youtube. Ravaged is a vehicle post-apocalyptic first person shooter produced by 2Dawn Games. It is one of the indie games that got their fundings through Kickstarter.


Ravaged is like Battlefield and Mad Max combined, you race around with vehicles and shoot others down. Vehicles can be cars, trucks, tanks and helicopters.
The game has over 30 vehicles and weapons to choose from. You can play on big maps and there are 10 classes to choose from.

Ravaged will not be your standard shooter, you actually need skill to use the vehicles and weapons and you will need to team up with your team to survive (and win) this game.

The game is online and you need to connect to a server to play (that’s at least as far as I could figure out). Up to 64 (32 per side) players can join the same game/map.

Ravaged is to be released on the 17th of October 2012 (that’s next Wednesday), but is now already available as closed beta for those who have either pre-ordered the game on Steam or have a closed beta invite via another source (like we did).

Here’s the trailer:

I’m not much of a FPS fan (Steven!, The Game Mistress likes it very much), but I am actually looking forward to play this game a little (even though its just for you guys!). It just seems like to be the type of game I like to be shooting in…. crossing cross country with big jeeps or flying around with choppers, shooting down other driving idiots! Cool!

You name it, we game it!


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