A blast from the past: Sonic the Hedgehog


When Nintendo was dominating the gaming market with their fat plumber, Sega couldn’t sit back and watch, they answered Nintendo with the birth of the fastest hedgehog ever. Sonic the hedgehog. Since then Sega took the console market by storm, Sonic became so famous that he is loved in the whole world. It is no Secret that Sonic the hedgehog is one of my favourite video game Characters at all time.

This is Sonic’s grand debut and this is his story


Console: Sega Mega Drive

Publisher: Sega

Release date: 1991

Genre: Platforming


South island is a specialplace. It’s not on the map and it’s always moving. Is this because of the sacred power of the chaos emeralds that are rumoured to spring life? This did caught the attention of the mad scientist Dr. Ivo Robotnik

It was a peaceful time in South Island, until one day the innocent animals got captured by the evil Scientist Doctor Ivo Robotnik. He was transforming these innocent animals into robots, for his own evil bidding. Sonic who isn’t a native to the island visits the island often. Shocked to find that his animal friends are transformed into robots. He bolts off at the speed sound committed to stop the evil scientist, saving his friends no matter what

Game play:

Sonic the Hedgehog is the first game I know with the element of momentum-based physics. Making it very special, this enabled you to collect speed, jumping great heights and distances, amazing from that time. Even more surprising it felt natural

You play as the blue hedgehog your goal is simple you have to get to the other side of the stage.

I love the game play of sonic the hedgehog each zone is totally different and the plat forming combined with sonic speed is insanely entertaining. Sonic can run fast kill enemies by jumping on them or if you run fast while pressing down you will turn into a ball spinning through your enemies the faster you go the more momentum you gather. So yes if you go downhill or around a loop you go faster or spin faster! There are as well different objects in the stages that can help you these can be tunnels to springs that will throw you in the air water slides, platforms and more. Try to find hidden areas by spinning through walls or jumping to new heights. They are rewarding.

Each stage is split into 4 acts 3 normal stages and 1 boss stage. The key in this game is speed. Sonic is renown for his insane speed. You have to try to dodge the spike traps and other hazards including environmental hazards to get safely across the stage. Kill any robots you can on your way to save your animal friends and collect points. here is a list of items that can help you on your way.

Rings: They are scattered throughout the various zones if you have at least minimal 1 ring, you are protected from attacks, get attacked you will lose all your rings. Finish the stage with 50 rings; you will be able to jump into a giant ring starting the special zone. Collect 100 rings to give you a 1 up

TVs. There are TVs scattered across the stages each containing rings. Bubbles. 1 ups and invincibility.

Bubbles: you will obtain these blue spheres when you jump on a TV with a blue bubble icon, they offer you protection from enemies and traps . Disappears after you have been hit.

Invincibility: jump on the tv screen with this to become immune to all damage against traps and enemies for a short time. Has a real cool tune with it.

1 ups. Highly important to continue the game. If you lose all your rings you die and loose a 1 up. Make sure you don’t hit zero or its game over.

Special stage: After you jumped into the giant ring your mission here is to rotate around this huge rotating world, to get to the chaos emerald. Collect 50 rings here and you are awarded with a continue. If you should lose all your lives the continue will grant you a new set of 3 lives. And you continue at the last stage. Watch out for the read GOAL areas if you land in one of them the special stage ends and you continue to the next stage.

However if you manage to get the chaos emeralds the stage will end and you successfully got the emerald. There are in total 6 chaos emeralds, can you collect them all? A secret will be revealed if you finish the game.

Bosses: Yup every stage has a boss. And it’s no other than Dr Robotnik himself. You have to figure how to hit him without getting hurt. It’s always a joy to destroy his machines and see him fleeing with a red head. When you defeat Robotnik in each stage you have to finish the stage by jumping on a capsule freeing your animal friends. You watch them jumping happily around the screen.


I will put it this way. The music in this game is Fantastic! Every zone has its own charming tone. The sound effects, ambience, killing enemies, boss fights and drowning, The guys at Sega did a marvellous job in composing these tunes. It’s impossible to forget the level music. I still can’t decide if scrap brain zone or green hill zone has the best tunes. The music can vary all from calm peacefully tunes to heavy action tunes, so many variations, so much to enjoy


Beautiful colourful environments! Everything is well animated and how much detail there is in each level, both background and foreground. This game early on already showed how powerful the sega mega drive 16 bit console truly was. Everything from level design to enemy design is well detailed am amazed that no matter how fast you run there is no lag. I even managed to outrun sonic from the screen that just made me giggle.

Good points:

Boss battles are fun and challenging

Bonus stages do punch a real challenge.

A lot of plat forming and exploration combined with high speed action

Every stage is completely different designed no two stages are alike.

Wonderful Music which will never bore you

The graphics are phenomenal

Bad points:

Bah! There aren’t any!

Highly addicting


Sonic the hedgehog is one of the best games you can get for the Sega mega drive. This game has kept me playing with the original Sega which I still have, into the early 2000. I love this game. There is so much, detail and work put into this game it is notable. Sonic is and always will be my favourite mascot not because of the new games but because of the old games that were made in the early 90s. Sonic the hedgehog has taken plat forming to a new level. If that is not enough, sometimes it’s just worth replaying a stage because of the awesome music. This game is a must! To any die hard platformer or Sonic fan.

If you didn’t play this game yet, well what are you waiting for?! You can download it on any online system from all the consoles. But it is HIGHLY recommended to play it on the original Sega mega drive

Game on!

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