Sonic – Lost World coming to WiiU and 3DS

Sonic Lost World WiiU

Known collectively as the Deadly Six, Dr. Eggman has recruited each of the fell creatures to make Sonic’s life miserable, but when the Deadly Six turn against their master, Sonic must join forces with his arch-nemesis to prevent the fall of the world.

With his new moves to jump from platform to platform without losing speed, as well as his improved Colour powers, Sonic must defeat the Deadly Six through ever-changing landscapes.

Sonic – Lost World brings back good memories of the older generation Sonic games. Wisps will be back along with their powers. While only Sonic can be played, Tails, Amy and Knuckles are featured still in the story. Also the classic secrets are back in the form of rescuing animals and gold cannons. For the challenge there will be red rings.

The game will work as a parkour, where speed is the key to winning. Sonics speed is being built up over time, by the press of button combinations pressed by the player.

Next to the single player story, the game will feature multiplayer possibilities. This counts for both WiiU and 3DS. The WiiU gamepad will be used to controll Sonic’s Colour powers. Also you can play the full game in both single player and multiplayer from the gamepad.

Want to tease yourself? Check out the ‘Sonic – Lost World’ official trailer:

We expect there will be more information available as soon as Nintendo comes with more information on their Nintendo Direct show on the 11th of June.

Game on!


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