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Scrolls Boxart

Mojang has produced Minecraft. Thereafter came a game for the Xbox I believe (Psychonauts) and now the third game or rather second own-produced game is announced to be launched soon.

Scrolls is the name of the game. This game is a strategic Card game with board elements. I haven’t played it at all yet, so I cannot really explain you how the game works but from what I’ve read and seen on the web it is a game with a lot of depth. The video (trailer) shows you more what the game is about, but what I figured out sofar is it is:

– a card game with some sort of board with interactive figures (card characters), against one other player
– several cards to discover or win
– build your own deck and play with a choice of the cards you have in your posession
– trade cards with other players
– rewards are won when you win games, currency used for buying new cards
– friendly matches and cooperative gameplay

The game follows in the footsteps of Magic The Gathering. The game will launch as beta version on the 3rd of June 2013 (which is next week) and will be available for £13/€15/$20. This one-time fee is just like with Minecraft a fee for the game from beta off and up to the launch (and beyond for updates).

I’m very excited, not only because of the new game but also to see if the indie developer studio will be able to produce another great success with this new title.

I never played Magic The Gathering and hope that Scrolls will be an easy to understand and fast gameplay game and I will definitely buy it and try it out when it is available!

Trailer Scrolls:

Game on!


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