Press release from Xsyon

The after-apocalyptic sandbox MMO Xsyon comes with great news about a special recurring event.

Xsyon is an MMO as a result of a kickstarter project we wrote about before in 2012. This after-apocalyptic event MMO is a sandbox game in which you can build your own cities and defend it from the enemy.

Since this weekend, Xsyon has started with weekend events. They are organised and planned for the coming weekends and even during the Summer holidays.

You can expect races, obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, skill contests, combat arenas, architecture competitions and much more. All players are welcome to join in these events, participate in the fun and of course win valuable in-game prizes!

This weekend’s event is a Raccoon Roundup combat event. Players will hunt wild raccoons in this hectic competition to become the Xsyon Raccoon Rajah. The event will run on both the War and Peace servers.

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Game on!


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