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Guild Wars 2 started a Winter Holiday event, Mojang is pre-releasing Minecraft with Twitch and Blizzard released a minor patch for World of Warcraft…and more…


Guild Wars 2 starts the Christmas holiday season early with the release of “A Very Merry Wintersday” event since last Tuesday.
On the previous activities, some new activities have been added: certain events trigger in the city of Lion’s Arch and Winter Wonderland, the jumping puzzle, has become more epic, more challenging and longer but has also gotten the addition of checkpoints to facilitate you in this longer journey.

Next to the Wintersday specific activities, has also the living story continued with the Nightmare Court in Kessex Hills (ongoing story). Leatherworkers, Armoursmiths and Tailors can now also craft to level 500 and can craft Ascended armour. New healing skills have been added to the game (see the skills tab).

Mojang has released two new updates in one, 1.7.3 and 1.7.4.

In this release, Mojang added broadcasting integration, improved the realms menus, they fixed render distance above 8 and various bugs have been taken squashed. To be able to use Twitch broadcasting, you need to link your Mojang account via with your Twitch account. To start broadcasting, you simply press F6 while playing. You find more options in the menus. The integration currently only works on Windows Vista or later, and on Mac OS X Lion (10.7) or later.

Blizzard has released 5.4.2 last Monday. It has not much new content, other than a new cross-realm raid browser, a cross-realm way of sending email and the in-game shop for mounts and pets against real money. The Holiday events will start for WoW players next week.

And with these games, many other MMO’s are having their Winter Holiday Season events starting too (soon).

For example: Asheron’s Call “Holiday Rush”, Rift’s “Fae Yule”, Aion’s “Solorius Festival” and so on.

Game on!

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