Nintendo’s Next Console Announced!

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s Next Console has been announced last night. Nintendo released a video showing their upcoming handheld and TV-console.

The long awaited codename Nintendo NX or Next Generation has finally been shown to the public. The name has become the Nintendo Switch. The video shows us how the console operates. When in the docking station, it will work at full power and you can use the two controllers on the side of the console or the normal procontroller to play on the TV.

When you undock the console, you can play it as a handheld just like the trusted 3DS did. You can place the console on a table and take both sides out to play together and watch the screen on the handheld to play with.

A fabulous design to keep teamplay fun and it all seems so easy to use.

Many big publishers have said to develop games for this console, so even that is promising. The system is powerful and has easier coding for those who create games for this console.

To name a few:
– TellTale Games
Take-Two interactive
Electronic Arts
Bandai Namco and many more.

Well, we think this is going to be a great console and we cannot wait. What do you think?

Check their video out here:

Game on!

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