Nintendo Switch Launch Event at GameStop

Midnight Nintendo Switch Launch Event at GameStop

Today is the release day of the Nintendo Switch, worldwide. We went the extra mile – actually many miles – to pickup our pre-ordered console and Zelda game at a specially organised Nintendo Switch Launch Event at GameStop at midnight.

We drove for our pre-ordered Nintendo Game Console to the bigger city nearby. Normally we would order online and get our stuff a day or two later. But the shop where we ordered this time, offered a special launch event to get the console and game earliest possible so that a full day of gaming is possible. Note that nearby for us means sitting for straight two hours in a car.

Midnight Nintendo Switch Launch Event at GameStop
Many were already waiting a whole hour before the event in the cold, keeping each other company while talking about anything Nintendo. The GameStop store that we pre-ordered the Nintendo Switch from opened their doors a little before midnight to hand out numbered line tickets and to have a countdown. On the last ten seconds everyone counted down to midnight.

Nintendo Switch Games
One of the sellers was wearing a special Link Costume. Apart from us there were two more social media bloggers and a person with a popular Youtube channel reporting on the event. The Game Mistress got also featured.

There were about 40 people in the store, we had number 33, so we had to wait for quite a while before we could get ours.

So instead we took some time to socialize and to promote our website to those interested around us. After about half an hour it was finally our turn.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Limited Edition for Nintendo Switch

The Game Mistress has practically played Zelda since she was a baby, so this game had to be bought today as well of course.

We had the possibility to buy some additional accessories for the new console. So, we bought a microSD card of 64GB and a casing for when you travel with the portable version. The portable casing came with a lot of extra’s.

Nintendo Switch Midnight Sale Event

And of course the Nintendo Switch console. Wow, this is awesome! We bought the version with the two different coloured controllers.
And the store seller had a great costume on as you can see.

Yay! We got it! By the time we got back to our car, it was nearly 1am, so after that we had a pretty long and late/early drive home. We finally arrived home at about 3am. The plan was to go to bed straight away to start the gaming early.

Instead we decided to play straight away. The result of that change of plan is that it is now 5.30am and one of us is still playing while the other is writing this article for you on the website!

My Nintendo Switch Collection
So what belongs to starting off straight away? Exactly, unboxing the stuff we got. Here we see a Nintendo Switch Console, a casing with extra’s for the portable bit of the Switch and the Limited Edition of Zelda – Breath of the Wild.

Unboxing Nintendo Switch
First of all we need to get the console up and running. So it starts by unboxing that console.
Unboxing Nintendo Switch
The game cartridge goes into the screen (the black thing you see here on the image). The two controllers slide in on both sides of the portable screen. Note that you will need to start and configure your console using the controllers directly connected to the portable device upon first startup.

Inserting either a game cartridge or a new micro SD card will automatically startup the console, but you can easily switch the console off again with the on/off button on one of its sides.

Unboxing Zelda Breath of the Wild Limited Edition
Next up is of course the actual Zelda Game – Zelda Breath of the Wild, is the new open world styled game in the Zelda franchise of Nintendo. We have really been looking forward to this game and are happy to finally being able to play it. We have waited six years to see the light of this game and it is definitely worth it!

The new Nintendo Switch games’ are no longer CD’s or blurays, but now come in the form of Game Cartridges. Yes you heard it right. So with the Nintendo Switch we go back to the older Game Cartridges.

Difference however is that these cartridges aren’t as big as the old ones on NES, but bigger than on the Nintendo (3)DS. Downloading of patches and save games seem to be stored on this cartridge as well. These cartridges are many GB’s big, so in size they have definitely changed.

Below you can see the difference in size between a finger and the Game Cartridge:
Unboxing Zelda Breath of the Wild Limited Edition Size ComparisonZelda – Breath of the Wild Limited Edition comes with a statue of the Master Sword (I haven’t unboxed this one yet, but will update this article later when that is done), the game cartridge and the Zelda Breath of the Wild soundtrack CD. Otherwise the actual box that contains all this is also beautifully designed. It is now on top of the shelves in the gaming & TV corner.

Unboxing Zelda Breath of the Wild Limited Edition Soundtrack and Game

Zelda Breath of the Wild is breathtaking to play. And the console? It’s super fast!

Well, time for bed here now. In a couple of hours more time for playing.
If you haven’t gotten a Nintendo Switch yet, than perhaps you should get one. For the Zelda fans, without enough money for a new console, Zelda Breath of the Wild also came out for WiiU today.

What do you think of the new Nintendo Switch console?
And what about the new Zelda game?

Please leave your comments, experiences or reviews below!

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