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Nintendo Switch

Last week was the Nintendo Switch Official Reveal Event where the new Nintendo Switch, the new entertainment system of Nintendo was presented in detail.

At the earliest hour for us in Europe, Nintendo had their live streaming from Tokyo, Nintendo Switch Reveal Event at 5am CET.

Here we sat watching the Nintendo Twitch Stream in the early hours on our Smart TV while equipped with noteblock and pen to make notes of the newest details concerning the Nintendo Switch.

The event was opened with a DJ producing ambient tones on Nintendo Game musical tones and a beautiful light and laser show accompanied that. Many thousands of people were sitting in their conference room.

A countdown was presented and then Tatsumi Kimishua opened with welcoming us to the event.

Here’s my short overview of what has been presented and discussed:
The launch date for the Nintendo Switch will be on the 3rd of March 2017!
With a retail price of 299,99 USD in the US, locally in Europe it will be announced later.

Nintendo Switch contains
Online services & Online networking that is free until Fall 2017, after that it will be a paid service.
Smart devices can connect to it and there will be no region locking, so that you can play technically with anyone else owning a Switch on the world.
It will have WiFi and local networking, over the internet you can play with up to 8 players (you included).

The JoyCon Controllers

They come in the colours Blue/red and black, they come with grip ropes and have motion and AR and IR camera, it can read rock paper scissors from your hands and it can determine distance. It has very sensitive HD Rumble vibrations, from little vibrations to big vibrations. Very interesting concept. They got an analog stick, analog button, A, B, X, Y and Home buttons. It also contains an NFC reader on each side, for reading out and writing towards Amiibo characters. It has a capture button which will be a quick tool for making snapshots / screenshots and even starting and stopping video recordings later on. Ofcourse the controllers contain Accelerometers and Gyroscope sensors.
On the side it has L/R buttons. The Switch will come standard with two JoyCon Controllers.

The Handheld mode is for playing with the JoyCon’s on the side of the screen to play games locally or with others. The battery life of a fully charged battery will be between 2,5 and 6,5 hours, depending on the activity. You can also play while charging with a cable.

Game: 1, 2, Switch
A new game played without a screen. You look into the eyes of your opponent. It’s like a duel of shooting with your JoyCon. It will release at Launch.

Game: Arms
This game is like a street fighter type of game, but instead of punches and special kicks, you got two expandable and retractable arms with fighting gloves. They are hard to direct and steer, so it will prove challenging to take your opponent out. Unfortunately, also Arms is not coming out yet at launch.

Game: Splatoons 2
As with all the sequel games, this one will come with new weapons, stages and the like. You can play it with both JoyCon Controllers as well as with the special designed Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch.

Game: Super Mario Oddesy
It’s a Mario Platformer inside a big city, or so the intro starts. But the game actually contains several different scenes (stages) and a lot of storyline to keep you occupied. Super Mario Oddesy is to be expected in the Winter holiday of 2017.

Many other third party publishers had their games line up published and promoted. Over 50 Third Party publishers are currently working on titles for the Nintendo Switch.

Game: Zelda Breath of the Wild (buy)
The biggest title of all is the title they ended their presentation with, Zelda Breath of the Wild.
They released a new trailer with this presentation, in which we saw finally a little bit about the storyline we can expect. It also contains some missing scenery of the videos published of this game sofar. For one we saw some cities, many characters we have seen before in some sort in other Zelda games and ofcourse the Master Sword.

We cannot wait for this new console to launch, but we will have to wait a little longer. Time however to preorder the console and the games.

Game on!

The Game Mistress

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