Nintendo’s Global Sales Report


Recently Nintendo released their new numbers on Global Sales for the WiiU. As we all know, Nintendo WiiU has not been selling well the past months. After last weeks release on the Global Sales, Nintendo’s shares plummeted on the stock market.

Here are my thoughts on the matter.


The WiiU is a fantastic next generation console that follows up on the previous very successful Wii. Yet, not many people know what the WiiU is about, that it is indeed next generation and that it’s a must-have.

Most people have the feeling that WiiU is an new edition of the original Wii. Others have said that they feel it’s not as powerful as the other next-generation consoles.

All this misinformation and misreading of the actual new product is caused by Nintendo misreading the market and deploying a totally wrong marketingplan. Nintendo thought simply that everybody that knew the Wii, would automatically understand that WiiU was the next generation and something entirely new. So commercials were minimal for the product. Also they released a certain amount of games for a certain segment of the market. They focused a bit more on the adult player with at release some more violent games and not the classics that Nintendo is known for (Zelda, Mario, Metroid etc).

Like the 3DS is commercialized currently, the WiiU could have much better commercialised. For one they could have shown it is something new and not just an upgrade from the Wii. Secondary they could have used the new name for the new console in their commercials, the added U could have been incorparated into the messages to spread the name, the brand.

People also got worried since the Nintendo Share prices plummeted following the news. It removed some of its market value. Nonetheless have the shares leveled again a few days later. The thing with shares is simply a completely different game. We are talking about stock market in that case. Stock market has prices based upon how many buyers are interested in the stock and how many people are holding onto it stock.

With this type of news on a market where shares are involved, there are always panic investors. The panic investors have problems with a sudden change and will sell as soon as the prices start to drop. The long term investor will take it easy and relax and watch what will happen from a distance.

So here my opinion is simple. Let Iwata work on a new structure or a new marketing plan and see the shares rise on the market again.

What I want to say before I stop writing is this: I believe that the WiiU has a lot of potential. the console has still functions for me that I never even tried. All it needs is content and a good amount of inspiring and funny commercials that make people understand what this console is about; its name, it’s brand and it’s content.

Game on!


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