Mojang sold to Microsoft – Notch leaving


Today Mojang announced that they have succesfully sold their company to Microsoft.


Microsoft and Mojang have been working already for two years together on several things, now the deal is through to sell it. Reason? Mojang became too big for them to handle. A bigger more experienced company such as Microsoft is therefore more suited to handle these issues and produce more awesome games and development on the existing games.

There is a lot of rumour, a lot of noise in the gaming community and the press about whether or not Mojang did a good choice, whether or not Notch aka Markus Persson made his money to get out and so on. But I don’t think its important.

The real thing here is: Mojang is a business. Microsoft is a business. And in business, whether you like it or not, money is to be made. Business deals like these are going to be done all the time and have been happening all the time.

Now we will just have to see how Minecraft, Scrolls and Cobalt will develop onwards.

Mojang started with Minecraft. Minecraft got really really really big. Already first on PC and afterwards on iPad, iPhone and not to forget Xbox. It is even on PS4 by now. And when something gets really big, it also means you have a lot more to do than just creating games. Only law enforcement on itself is a very complicated business.

And yes, Notch left. Out to do great gamedevelopment for himself again – as it all started.

Anyhow, here’s some coverage of this special event of today:

Mojang’s official article:

Notch’s (Markus Persson) blog:

Microsoft’s video:

Happy? Sad? Let’s just see what happens. All we care about is great gaming!

Game on!

Steven and The Game Mistress

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